Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red Rocks

After finishing my first term of grad school we spent our winter break base-camped out of S. Utah. We flew into Las Vegas where Shannon has friends that she went to high school with.  It was a win-win for her to see old friends and for me to take a few days for some climbing.  This was my first trip to RR and was pretty impressed.  We arrived early in the month and missed the christmas/new years crowds.  Some friends Mike and Tony drove down from BC.  Mike was telling me he was driving over 150 threw Nevada deserts. I though he meant 150 mph, and was scared for him.  Later I  realized that he measures his milage in kilometers, a relief, but still a solid 90 mph.  We cragged for couple days in the pull outs and climbed Dream of Wild Turkeys in the Black Velvet Canyon, 600' 5.10a pretty classic fun climbing.  It was a great couple days of dirtbagging and getting outside after months of gym climbing and school work.   

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